Arthur Grigoryan is an Armenian-American Chef/Pitmaster from Los Angeles, California.

His career in cooking started after high school when he moved to France and spent two years studying the cuisine and gastronomy of the country working at Drouant under Chef Antoine Westermann in Paris and Château Siaurac In Bordeaux.

Upon returning to his home of Los Angeles, he managed to get a job working for Nancy Silverton at Mozza where he was introduced to a more traditional rustic approach to cooking through Italian cuisine.

During a trip to Texas he was introduced to American BBQ while eating at Franklin’s BBQ in Austin.  After the first bite of brisket he had an epiphany which led him to change his focus in his career from fine dining to BBQ.

III Mas BBQ is named after the neighborhood his family in Yerevan, Armenia is from where his father spent a great amount of time working in the meat industry.

The name III Mas translates to “Third District.”